About me

David Salvatori

I was born in Latina, a city near Rome, on January 23rd 1970, I have a university degree in Physics and I am currently working for an IT company.

I inherited from my parents a passion for Sciences, visual Arts and Nature; the Sea has always been present in the most important moments of my life, but only in recent years I began to practice water sports.

Scuba diving arrives by coincidence in 2006, when during a trip to Maldives I met an Italian scuba instructor, Silvia Miccoli. Silvia brought me to dive for the first time, giving me a striking key to the reading, the direct relationship with the water becomes soon a powerful channel of communication and introspection.

Today going underwater, being in the Sea, means to me becoming for a moment a part of the Sea itself, a small part of a whole which is continuously changing but at the same time in constant equilibrium. Now this equilibrium is part of me, and I wanted to dedicate this site to this alliance between Man and Nature.

I think the great diver Jacques Mayol wanted to express the same idea when he once said: “I have the Sea inside me. the Sea is me.” This is why I chose “ilmaresonoio” (meaning “the-sea-is-me“) as the name of my site.

Photography became, two years after I started diving, the most suitable way to communicate this new phase of my life: I report my feelings through the shutter, documenting the various expressions of this equilibrium in different places and through different cultures.

May main interest is not only nature photography, but also conservation issues to which I devote my travels around the world. In recognition of my activities and awareness of some of the most threatened species of the planet, I was selected in 2015 as a member of the Ocean Artist Society